Reasons to book IELTS than PTE

The IELTS exam has unparallel importance these days among students since it is a gateway to international study programs in the countries like UK, Canada, Australia, and the USA. Indian students are taking this test to seek overseas education opportunities. 

However, many students are also taking PTE test that is also meant for overseas education. But, as per the experts, Ielts is more valuable than PTE. So, if you are seeking an overseas education opportunity then you must visit a renowned IELTS coaching in Jalandhar to book the test and for helpful preparations. 

Why you should book IELTS than PTE?

Worldwide recommendation

Well! It is an actual fact that IELTS has significance when it comes to accepting applications from overseas students. It is widely accepted by the university and colleges of countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to get a study permit. Moreover, it is conducted by the renowned organizations like British Council and IDP, whereas PTE is conducted by the Pearson Group that does not have much recognition among Indian students. 

IELTS is accepted in more than 10000 universities worldwide, but PTE is acceptable in 6000 universities across the globe. The PTE test is acceptable in a limited number of overseas colleges and universities, so if you are considering your chances to get an admission letter for overseas education, IELTS is a better choice than PTE. 

Available for general and academic purpose

You can take the IELTS exam for the purpose of acquiring a study visa or to migrate to a foreign country as a permanent immigrant. Ielts serves applicants with general and academic training. So whether you want to go abroad as a student or planning to go as an immigrant, IELTS can provide you both the test options. PTE is only working on an academic basis as you cannot take this test for immigration purposes. For instance, Canada is the prominent choice for most of the Indians for permanent immigration. So, you can use IELTS to serve your purpose appropriately, but PTE is not valid in Canada for PR.

So, this test has limited use than IELTS. For the preparation of IELTS general or academic, you can find a reliable IELTS institute in Ludhiana. 

Paper and computer based IELTS

Another great reason to choose IELTS in comparison to PTE is that you can get multiple options to sit the test. IELTS is available for test takers in paper based and computer based forms. You can choose as per your conveyance to take the test. But, on the other side, PTE only has a computer based option for test takers. There is no paper based test conducted by Pearson Group. So, if you are interested in a writing test format then PTE is not perfect for you. 

Transparency in results

IELTS is more transparent when it comes to showing results to the candidates and understanding them precisely. For example, listening has 40 questions and you will get 1 mark for each. It will make a clarity that you will get bands in listening for every correct answer. Whereas in PTE, you cannot get precise in scoring as it has a listening section with 8 question types and each type has 2 questions within them. So, it could be confusing to understand that how you will get marks for each answer equally. 

The best IELTS center in Ludhiana can help you in better understanding for the bands criterion of IELTS, and let you prepare it well for achieving higher bands. You can also understand the time allocation for each IELTS module to manage your time while taking the test. 

Ease of choosing test centre

When it comes to choosing relevant test taking locations, IELTS comes at a first place than PTE. IDP and BC have wide numbers of test conducting centers throughout India. So, you can get an ease to choose the nearest location for the IELTS test. For example, if you belong to Jalandhar city then you can easily scroll for a test location that is near to your residence. It will offer you the ultimate conveyance to reach the centre on time and will also keep you fresh and active to use your mental force and energy exclusively during the exam.  

PTE test locations in India are limited as you can only take this test in 5 cities such as Chandigarh, Amritsar, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, and Chennai. So, you can understand well which test is right for you. 
These are the convincing reasons that can make you a clear understanding that why IELTS is a better option than PTE. So, if you are interested to book the IELTS test for your academic journey in an overseas college or university, just fix a schedule with the best IELTS institute in Ludhiana and start exploring top coaching from expert tutors.

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