Great Tips To Maintain Healthy Hair At Home

We all have different hair types and this difference in hair type, texture, and thickness requires special care & attention to make it grow healthy and shinier. 

Check out some of the essential hair care tips that one should follow to give their hairs the much-needed love.

Using Lukewarm Water 

Taking a hot shower bath may feel relaxing, but the harm it makes to your hair is hazardous. The high water temperature may strip off the essential body oils; make your hairs dry & dull. Thus, it becomes prone to frizz and wreckage. Don’t let the hot water cause this damage! A common tip here is to use lukewarm water instead of hot so that you get clean hairs without any damage to them. 

Applying Shampoo to Scalp

Maintaining healthy hair is not that much difficult. You only need to pay attention to small things. The shampoo should be applied to your scalp, where the dead skin cells and the hair oil reside gets produced. Using a shampoo massage brush for better cleaning is a tip here. Applying the same to the lower area will completely dry out your hair and the hair will lose its moisture. Remember, moisture is required to maintain the hair’s strength. 

Conditioner is for Hair Ends 

For those who keep on applying hair conditioner on the scalp, you are doing it the wrong way. The hair conditioner product should be applied only to the ends of the hair. Don’t go to any higher or middle length as this will promote the creation of too much oil. Take this tip to keep your hair lightweight and bouncy.

Combing Damp Hair 

Always use a wide-tooth comb for wet and moist hair. The chances of breakage are more when the hairs are in soaked condition. Gently settle the wet hair tangles and remove the broken hair strings.

Using Heat Protection 

This tip is common though but ignored in most cases. Always use a heat-protective spray on your hair before you use any heat tool like a dryer, straightener, or curler irons. This is a useful tip as it gives a decent look to hair even after the styling gets undone.

Let the Hair Dry on Their Own 

Drying your hair with heating tools is fine when you are running late, but don’t make a habit of doing so. Drying tools may dry quicker but can cause damage to the hair. Let the natural air dry your hair whenever you get a chance. It requires more time but at least your hair will not get damaged. It is advised to use wet hair products like curl mousse or anti-frizz spray so that you can get a clean look.

Sleep on Soft Fabric 

Try to avoid sleeping on cotton or linen pillows as they cause more hair damage. Their rough texture makes them do so!  Such fabric has high absorbing properties that may remove your overnight hair treatment products during sleep. Go for a silk or satin pillowcase as well as sheets that effectively support healthy hair. You can also keep a microfiber towel to dry off the hairs.

Changing the Part of Hair 

You can do this tip to change the hair part. If you want to get immediate volume, shift the middle part to a side, from one side to another. It is a simple fix to lift the hair and allows you to move around the weight of your hair. Consequently, the roots will be covered and you can hold the hair better.

A Break from Ponytails 

Since this is a multi-purpose hairstyle, don’t rely on it too much. Tight pulling of hair on a daily basis and for longer durations can cause strain and breakage of hair. Take a break from those tight ponytails and give your hair some relaxation by wearing lower and lose ponytails. Try some other hairstyles too which let your hair down like the loose use of a hair clip, claw clips for thick hair, or using scrunchies instead of elastic to protect the hair.

Maintaining Hydration of Hair 

How concerned we are for our skin! Hair needs the same care too. Strong and healthy hair means that you have to keep them hydrated, irrespective of the hair type. Use leave-in hair cream through soaked hair length and either keep it the whole day or while sleeping overnight. Get beautiful and well-managed hair with this trick!

Bottom Lines 

The above-mentioned tips are of great use if followed perfectly. You will not only get shinier and healthy hair but can also prevent it from further damage. You need to take care of your hair, just like you do for your skin and body.  You can also take help from professionals about taking care of the hair without making much effort. It is not that difficult. Also, try to use natural products on the hair as they don’t cause any damage to hair. You can opt for any hairstyle when the hair is healthy and give a voluminous look. Start making changes today to get healthy hair full of life! 

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