How To Make Angel DIY Bead Earrings

Handmade jewellery is far more attractive and preferable to wear in comparison to the ready-made one. Gemstone bead earrings are no different. They are exceptionally attractive and can be seen in far more designs and colours. It’s possible to make your very own earrings by using a couple of simple techniques and materials.

The design is rather simple but unique and you can customise it as you please. This design will make you feel beautiful and confident while making you stand out among others. The design will look more unique if the beads have different sizes and colours.

You can also use this idea to make a beautiful necklace. It’s a good starting idea for those who usually do not make jewellery or never tried it before. It is a lot easier to make jewellery now that you can buy wholesale gemstone beads and find the perfect color. Today we are going to show you how to make angel DIY bead earrings without any fancy tools.

Why Should You Use Beads?

  • Beads can be used to make many different types of jewellery such as necklaces, bracelets, rings etc. They give a delicate and lovely touch to your jewellery making.
  • Using beads for gemstone earring online also helps people have a flexible choice of jewellery that they can choose according to their own taste and style.
  • Beads can look beautifully arranged in a variety of ways. These can also be used to add an elegant touch to your outfit. You will never go wrong by using beads.
  • Beads are also useful in making beautiful yet inexpensive jewellery pieces. These are easily available as well and are unique in themselves since say two aventurine stone beads are almost never the exact same.

Design Idea

This design is only meant to give you an idea about new things you can make from beads. The design is not exclusive and can be customised according to your own discretion. Basically, the design that you come up with has no limit because it is just a design idea with the bead earrings that you have in mind. You can make as many bead earrings as you want as long as you have the right colours for your earrings or necklace and enough beads to make them. You can get the bead cord materials and gemstone earrings wholesale from online stores like Dream of Stones.

Material Needed

  1. A pair of Angel wings charms.
  2. A pair of angel tiara charms.
  3. 2 pairs of gemstone beads, preferably of varied sizes.
  4. Round & chain nose pliers and wire-cutter.
  5. Earring Wires.
  6. Jewelry head pins.
  7. 4mm jump rings.

Let’s get started to work.

How To Make The Earrings

  1. The very first step would be to assemble your materials and equipment so as to make sure that you don’t have to leave your workstation again and again to take stuff from one place or the other. Also, if you don’t have the appropriate supplies, make sure to buy them beforehand or get them online from websites like Dream  of Stones. Your gemstone beads for earrings must be color coordinated and you soul double check their quality before finalising the purchase.
  1. The second step would be to make a plan of how to go about the design. Whenever you sit down to make handmade stone jewelry, there must be some design reference or a creative idea in your mind. You follow through this idea to make the final piece look like the image in your head. You can make a sketch or drawing to put down the idea into a physical form before starting off. Like here, this design looks like an angel charm earring, which has a set of wings, a tiny tiara on its head and using gemstone beads of different sizes as the face and dress of the angel.
  1. In the next step, take the bigger sized natural stone bead and set it into the earring wire. Make sure that the bottom of the wire can hold the ingredients of the earrings efficiently and there is no chance of them slipping out of the wire. Set the bigger bead into place and take the wings charm to bud into it next. Be sure to keep them tightly together so they are not loose and don’t look clumsy.
  1. After setting the wings into the string, take the next stone bead which is smaller in size and use it as the face of the angel. For it to look like the face, a tiger’s eye bead for gemstone earring wholesale from Dream of Stones can be used very well. Make sure to bind them as tightly as you bound the other two charms as well for it to have a fine finish. Add the tiara charm at the top. By now, the earring has taken the final look and you can make any edit to it if you want before you knot them together. Once they are tied in wire, opening again and making edits can make the design less than perfect.
  1. In the next steps, the binding and sealing of the gemstone beads earring will take place. Once you’re satisfied with its design, take the round nose plier to make a loop at the top, above the beads. Use this tool carefully and in order to make a nice round loop. It is not important to make a perfect circle loop but the loop must be closed properly. If there is any space left vacant between the beads and loop, make a fold with the same plier to close it. Cut away the excess earring wire with the wire cutter.
  1. Next up, after the loop is well in place, add the additional 4mm jump rings to make it more solid. Now, on top of it, add the jewelry head pins to make the earring final. Repeat the same process to make a similar earring for the other ear and it is done.

Gemstone bead earrings are, as you can see, very easy to make and don’t require exceptional  expertise. You can get your supplies from Dream of Stones and make earrings of different styles, colors and designs to match your outfits.

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